Built for longevity

Rust resistant brass beam, tough cast iron construction & hard wearing enamel finish will ensure years of trouble free maintenance.

Is there a little spark in your life?

For use in areas where electronic scales may pose a spark threat: propane filling, chemical & paint plants, & other environments with volatile elements.

Fisherman’s friend

Perfect for weighing fish on the docks.

Easy visual identification

Dual metric/avoirdupois color coded counterpoise weights.

Metric reading on one side and avoirdupois on the other.

Greater mobility

Rolling cast wheels facilitate movement.

No toppling packages

Sturdy removable back racks ensures packages stay where they are.


How is Propane sold


KT-SP Platform

Mechanical Beam Scale (LFT)


More Beam & Dial Scales

KT-SP Bench

Rust resistant brass beam

Metric / avoirdupois

2 capacities

KDP Series

Economical, high precision

Stainless steel 6" dial scale

Rapid stop shock absorber

KAM Series

Temperature compensation

Fixed 8 or 10" dial

Enamel or S/S body; S/S platter

KW 2610

Precision sliding beam


Oversized platform